Do we have Ad SDKs in SAB?

I got the below message in Google Play Developer console for one app.

We found ad SDKs in your app

  • Version: 31, SDK: AdMob

If your app serves ads, you must answer ‘Yes’ to the question below. If you use ad SDKs but your app doesn’t serve ads, you can leave your answer as ‘No’.

I believe this is a false positive. Can you contact them to say the app doesn’t have AdMob SDK?

I have selected NO since no ads are served from our Bible Apps. There is no other option to appeal against the warning.

I also noticed that all 4 apps which we got this warning have one common feature (embedded Youtube videos). May be that’s triggering this warning?

In Google Play Console, you can contact support. Tell them that your app does not include AdMob SDK and ask them why review process thinks it is using AdMob SDK? This seems to be a bug is the review process.


Thanks, I’ve got the same problem.

Scripture App Builder does not use the AdMob SDK or include it explicitly.

But if you are using Firebase Analytics, the Firebase Analytics library is including a dependency which includes one of the AdMob libraries as a sub-dependency. We will try to exclude this unused sub-dependency in the next version of SAB, but for now you need to tell Google Play that your app does not contain ads.

Thanks so much for your help.