Does SAB reduce the size of tif image, and if yes, how much?

In the project I am working on I am using the location field in \fig to indicate p, a, w which is needed for the Old Testament especially. For the Old Testament (portions) we are using colored images for the app and bw for the printed version. So in the OT, each time an image should occur there are two \fig \fig* entries, one with a link to the colored jpg or png image and [aw] in the location field, and one linking to the bw tif image with [p] in the location field.
Now, for the new testament the choice was to just have bw images. These turn out to be 1 to 2Mb .tif images. My question is, does SAB make these smaller, or is it better, similarly to the OT procedure, to add a second \fig \fig* sequence with a much smaller jpg image for the app?

In the absence of replies, I will reply myself, with another question … Since it seems to be unknow what SAB does with .tif images, meaning if the are reduced by SAB to suit on-screen viewing, it seems wise to keep the black and white .tif images (most of them around 2Mb) just for print and add a .jpg version of the same image for screen and web.
Would you support that argument ?

Scripture App Builder does not support .tif images. It needs JPG or PNG images.

If a JPG or PNG image is provided on the SAB illustrations page with the same filename as a .tif filename in the Paratext file, e.g. temple.png, SAB will use it in the place of temple.tif.

JPG and PNG files can be reduced in size using the setting on the Images > Illustrations page.

Good to know, that saves adding a lot of extra \fig \fig* in paratext. BTW, if I add 50 images to the illustrations page of which only 20 feature in paratext, will the 30 non-mentioned ones be excluded from the app?

If they are in Illustrations, then I’d expect them to be in the app, even though unused.