Does the “Validate Timing Files” utility use SAB's phrase-ending characters?

Based on what I can see, it looks like the “Validate Timing Files” utility isn’t completely in step with the SAB settings. Regardless of what phrase-ending characters I specify on the Audio Synchronization tab in SAB, that utility seems to assume that comma and period are phrase-breaking characters. Since HearThis does not normally treat commas as phrase-breaking characters, I’m removing the comma from the SAB settings as suggested in the Help topic Using HearThis for Audio Recording (see bottom of page 15). I haven’t tried it just now, but I suspect the app built by SAB works just fine. The problem is with the validation utility.


Where did you get this utility?

I’m a bit puzzled. Are you talking about the Fine Tune Timings?


It’s the last button on the Audio Synchronization tab.

Oh no Humble pie again. Just never used it or noticed it. I did look.

When I use it I just get a list of:
Files with validation warnings: 0
Files without warnings: 5

Can you supply me with some data that demonstrates a difference? Files that produce both warnings and no warnings.

We can do this offline.