Download all audio files at once

Hi all,

For those of us with audio files on an internet host external to the app, I would like the user to, in addition to being able to download an audio file for that one chapter, have the option to download all the chapters for that entire book as well.


That feature is on the list:

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Ok, great! That will be a big advance.

I also got several feedback from users regarding this feature. (option to Download audio for entire chapter for a book, or download audio for multiple books at a time.)

Do you plan to add this feature to SAB any time soon?

Has there been any development work on a “Download all” or a download manager?

As a potential “hack”, I see there’s an option under Audio >> Audio Settings to “Search all folders on the device for an audio file if it is not found in the specified folder.” Would providing users (via a download from a website) all the audio files (or a book at a time folder) result in the app looking for the files that were downloaded? Would this work for iOS as well or just Android?

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Just want to say here that I would love to see this feature added in. There are requests for it. Thanks and bless you guys!

@mcquayi, Why did you lock this? People can’t vote on it and it isn’t implemented yet.

@ChrisHubbard I was on a freeing up Votes quest. I misunderstood what I read too quickly. I have not found a way to unlock this on yet.

@ChrisHubbard @Mark_Wagner @jkurian @lasnider @NeilZubot I found how to reopen it. Voting on this issue is available again.