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Hello there…
Please I need help with the best website to upload my audio files for my App synchronization. I’ve tried archive dot org, its not working. When the audios are packaged with the app, it increases the app size, please I need the best website to upload my files and the step to make it downloadable on the app when built.

I’ve been struggling with this for days now.


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Actually the, is useful. Hope the audio was converted to the required bit before uploading into archive.

@Jeremyx71, I have used to host audio. To test it, I uploaded the World English Bible audio (World English Bible New Testament : Hosanna : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive and I used ENGWEBN2DA directory listing in my app). We suggested very early in the development of Scripture App Builder.

Now that I look at the files in the interface, It shows the types as “OGG VORBIS”, “TORRENT”, “VBR M3U”, and “VBR MP3”.

Scripture App Builder doesn’t support VBR (variable bit rate) MP3. So you should probably use another service to host your audio.

We should remove from the documentation. I will add a task to do that.