Download Link at Scripture App Builder Website

Did the location to get Scripture App Builder change?
Is it still: Download - Scripture App Builder - Scripture App Builder

Because I cannot find links to the software on this page.

(I know it says there is no download due to my planform but I am trying to download stuff for another computer and I have Windows 10 so that seems odd).

Also there are no links on the bottom of the page for other/older versions


Is this a new feature? If it is then is there another a page I can go to in order to get SAB?

This is definitely a problem, but you will probably need to wait until the other hemisphere wakes up to find a resolution to the problem… :slight_smile: @ChrisHubbard @richard

Sorry, @Inquisitive, it looks like all SIL software downloads are unavailable at the moment. We are in touch with our colleagues who look after this and hope to see the files back very soon.

No worries we can wait. I was just concerned it was a new feature.

@Inquisitive It’s back up now. They had done a security update on the server and the drive that had all those resources on it didn’t come back online. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!