Drop-down list - "Configure Registration"


I’m wondering if there’s a shorter way of adding drop-down list items all at once in SAB rather than adding it one after the other. For instance, I want to add a “Location” option in the Screen registration and I have over 200 entries to add but it seems I have to manually add each entry one after the other. Is there any way to copy and paste it all at once?

If this is not currently possible, can it be included in future updates?

Those values are stored in the .appDef file, as in this example:

So theoretically it would be possible to create one location entry in SAB, to create the necessary “frame”, and then (with SAB closed) open the .appDef file in an editor, find that entry, then paste in your list of 200 locations, and use Regular Expressions to convert them into the correct list-item format. But you need to be really careful in the .appDef file that you preserve the XML structure precisely.

If none of that makes any sense (and you don’t have a Language Technology Consultant around to help you), then it probably would be best just to enter the locations by hand. Have your locations list open in a document to the side, in SAB, click to edit the drop-down list, click Add…, copy and paste a location, click OK, click Add…, copy and paste a location, click OK, etc. It shouldn’t take you real long, even for 200 entries.

Hope that helps…

Thanks for this response Jeff. I’m actually using a MacBook for this App and I’m not too sure how this would work on Mac but I will give it a try.

For now, I might have to do the 200 entries, then try this process with a test App to avoid compromising the XML structure of the .appDef file