Embed Version String in About Text

Is it possible to embed the current App Version in the about text, such that it is pulled from the project and is therefore automatically updated?

If not, is there some other way the end user knows which version they have installed?

Yes, we try to remember to put the following in the About box of all our apps.
%app-name% for the app name
%version-name% for the version number. We combine the two as follows:
%app-name% %version-name%

Be sure to use the markers to make the bold or italics as shown in the examples within the app. IE: < b > and < /b > without the spaces.

Hope that helps.

Yes, more information about these formatting codes and variables can be found in section 7 of the ‘Building Apps’ manual, such as ‘7.3. Which variables can I use in the About page?’

Note: Section 6.3 in the version of the ‘Building Apps’ doc that I’m looking at, distributed with SAB 5.1.