Encryption compliance

We are about to submit our app to App Store, but we are faced with questions from Apple regarding Export compliance. It asks several questions, but we don’t know exactly what they are asking and how we are supposed to answer when we are submitting Bible app. We will appreciate any help in this area.


I have not submitted to the app store. But it may help others answer if you give what the questions actually are.

So far I have always replied YES, YES. Chris Hubbard answered this question about a year ago in the itconnect.info forum and instructed to reply in this way. But he wanted to double check with SIL on this and give an official response.


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You have to login to see the response. I will include it here. This is the best answer that I have for now.
You should answer YES to both questions.



I am asking people within SIL what should be the response. For your information an SAB generated app can use encryption in the following ways:

  1. If you use HTTPS URLs to download audio (I believe that FCBH libraries use HTTP to download content)
  2. If you use HTTPS URLs in the about box (e.g. privacy policy)
  3. I haven’t checked Analytics, but they likely will
  4. EVERY app uses an encryption algorithm which is “Limited to intellectual property and copyright protection” for protecting the scripture content

So I believe you will have to answer:
Q1: Is your app designed to use cryptography or does it contain or incorporate cryptography? — YES

Q2: Does your app meet any of the following:
(a) Qualifies for one or more exemptions provided under category 5 part 2
(b) Use of encryption is limited to encryption within the operating system (iOS or macOS)
© Only makes call(s) over HTTPS
(d) App is made available only in the U.S. and/or Canada

You can select Yes for question #2 if the encryption of your app is:
(a) Limited to using the encryption within the operating system (iOS or macOS)
(b) Limited to making calls over HTTPS
© Specially designed for medical end-use
(d) Limited to intellectual property and copyright protection
(e) Limited to authentication, digital signature, or the decryption of data or files
(f) Specially designed and limited for banking use or “money transactions”; or
(g) Limited to “fixed” data compression or coding techniques

— YES, since (a):

  • (b) Limited to making calls over HTTPS
  • (d) Limited to intellectual property and copyright protection

This is the best I can come up with now. I will reply later if we have an official response (this is not an official response).


Hi all,

Thank you very much for the reply! It is very helpful, otherwise I have answered incorrectly.


Hi Sir,
I have one issue with SIL for macbook.
When try to open Psalms. It just stop.
How to sore this problems.

Thanks waiting for solutions ASP


It is better if you start a new topic.

I think you are making an iOS app on a Mac. Is that correct?
Are you testing it on a phone or on the emulator?
Which device or emulator are you testing on?

Mc, emulator, why something like this? I have tested on the phone. All the book lists is working , can read, but when psamls just stop it. Not sore this issues.
Can you support software for Bible quizes.
I have a project to make the Bible quizes.
Thanks for your information.

Can you update to the new 4.7 version and report if the same issue is present?

If you still have the issue I will need a copy of your project to test with. Can you put in a bug report here: https://software.sil.org/scriptureappbuilder/support/ Then when I answer you, can you attach a zipped copy of your project there.

It may be there is an issue with your Psalms source file or it may be a programming bug. Without being able to reproduce the situation it is hard to give specific advice.

Also please state which device are you choosing to emulate?