Enhancement of search


  1. Add for Android on right side of screen list of book abbr. (? TOC) like on iOS, for fast go to result in book (just run any search and compare screens on Android & iOS)
  2. Do not reset search request if we return back in few mins). Better save last results in search. Because e.g. we after check context of verse, wanna return back to results of search but need run same search again (and type search request again)
  3. Show list of recent requests on screen with search.


I would appreciate this feature too. It does make sense.

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re: 2. If you use the Android back button you go back to the search list screen.

I use Android only for testing of App, may be for Android users it not issue.

Just tried the go back, working fine.

Do you think this would be a good feature addition?

  • User search
  • User see results
  • User click on a verse result
  • User can go back via Android back button to the results page.
    OR User can click on the magnifying glass icon to go back to the results page.



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When I click back on the magnifying glass I get a blank page ready for a new search.

  1. I think it would be nice to default to having the last search text in the search box when you go back to the magnifying glass. This is how most apps work.
  2. Just like we have the search button at the bottom when no verses were found, we should also get the button when a search is successful. This would bring you right back to the search edit box with the same search string there.
  3. The back arrow at the top shown in the search results should you take you back to the search box not to the Bible text. This seems more logical after a search that didn’t give you what you want.
  4. When you go back to the search after not finding anything, the “Search whole word” option should remain as it just was. Same with accents. Also if 2. gets implemented same thing. Keep the whole word and accent settings the way they were.



Does anyone have any votes to add to this?

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