Enlarge Font for Single Instance

I need to enlarge some \mt1 text in the FRT, but I don’t want to enlarge the \mt1 text for the rest of the PDF.

How would I do that?

Thanks, Mike

Sorry that there isn’t an easy way to do this [yet]. But there are at least a couple of ways to do it, both of which involve creating new styles (easy enough to do in the Style editor tab):

Option A) Copy the \mt1 style to create a new one (like \zmt1) and then modify the size of that style and use that for the Front matter book.

Option B) Create a \cat category \cat* for the FRT matter (something like \cat FRT-s and FRT-e) and then set up a style which allows \mt1 within those milestones to be formatted differently. This is a bit more complex to pull off, but would be very useful if there were several markers within FRT that needed to be tweaked.

[Note that you don’t necessarily need to modify the USFM text itself to do either of these, as you can use changes.txt rules to make on-the-fly changes. However, if you’re using PTXprint’s internal Front matter, then there’s little point; just edit the markers there.]

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I spot a typo / thinko, the FRT-s and FRT-e look like milestones. They work similarly to cat, in that they let you get complicated styling, but the usfm is different and the way to style them are different. Ranged milestones (mostly) behave more like character styles that persist across paragraph boundaries. The format for using a ranged milestone would be:

\mt1 Title

To style this, you’d need to define a ranged milestone (FRT-s … FRT-e) and then you can specify character-style options to that, or for the complex style FRT-s+mt1 (safer). If you need to apply paragraph styling (e.g. line spacing), then I think you still need to do that another way (ms:FRT-s|mt1, if I remember correctly). The USFM standard is silent about whether milestones ought to be able to change paragraph styles.

A newer option (and another one that’s not explicitly mentioned within the USFM standard), is to use a categorized paragraph style. but this will also work:
\mt1 \cat big\cat* Big version of title

Styling for this would be applied to a paragraph style for cat:big|mt1
If you use a local style file, you can just include:

\Marker cat:big|mt1
\FontSize 36

All other properties will be inherited from the normal mt1 style.