ePub - is it possible to include illustrations

I tried the ePub export function but it seams like no pictures are included in the file? Audio files are are included.

It would be wonderful if it was possible to have two checkbooks:

  • Include audio
  • Include illustrations

In this way you could make a ePub without the large audio files, but have the images added as one option.

This is an example with Rut 1:1 in the app with an image:

In the generated ePub have not the image:

The images are not exported to the ePub library:

Here it would be great with two checkboxes to include audio and images:

Assuming you are using USFM as your source, then there are two options. Either put in \fig markup where you want the image to go in your text or use the SAB placement feature to place the images where you want them. Either way you have to add the images in the Images > Illustrations section.

USFM is the source files, and I have hundreds of /fig tags in the text. All the images are are in the Illustration tab, they show up perfectly in the App viewer and when I build the app.

But when I generate ePub no there are no images. I cant find a image directory in the ePup zip, so it looks like this feature is missing in SAB or that it is an bug. Unless I am missing som checkbox to include or not include the illustrations when building the ePub file.

It would be great to be able to distribute the Bible with all a the images also in the ePub format. Since the Viewer shows the images it should ne be so much extra code to also have the images be exported and included in the ePub export function.

Finally got around to finding an app that had \fig images and testing that.

I have the same issue. So have written up the bug issue.

Picture books that have \img markup don’t have that issue. But that is not a solution for you.

As the image is in the HTML export, the missing image here is quite a surprise.