Erroneous links created in the app

SAB creates cross-reference hyperlinks in the final APK that are not valid.

In our “Read through the Bible” material, SAB correctly links to all our books that are included in the current build of the app, including any links to the letters of John (1,2,3 John) references, as these are books we HAVE completed. BUT SAB also tries to generate links to the book of John, which we have NOT completed.

The book of John is abbreviated in our app as: Yoh.
The letters of John are abbreviated as: 1Yoh. 2Yoh. 3Yoh.

The interesting bit is that for any reference to the book of John, the app only hyperlinks the REFERENCE, but NOT the book name. So, the link ends up pointing to whatever book the reference is found IN (because the book name has been left off the link).

We are not seeing this weird behavior for any other book in our app. So, I wonder if it has something to do with the algorithm that parses the book name, and it doesn’t see “Yoh.” as different from “1Yoh.”?

As it will be a while before John is completed, it would be nice to not have these false links showing up in the app.