Error creating Keystore on Mac

A user received the following error message when trying to create the Keystore.
“Sorry, there was an error creating the Keystore. Please try again.”
I was observing and it seemed all the entries were correct. Suggestions?
Mac Book Pro, Intel Core i5
Ventura 13.4.1

What version of SAB are you using? This sound like this issue that was fixed in 10.4.

  • Creating a keystore failed if you had not already installed the JDK (#1353)

Thanks, Chris. I think it was 10.4, but I’ll have to confirm with the user tomorrow. In light of the issue that was fixed in 10.4, the JDK was installed.

After reproducing the issue (trying it again), go to Tools > View Logs … and see if there are errors there. If so, paste them in a reply.

Thanks, Chris. We’ll do that.

The version is 10.4. No errors were recorded in the log after reproducing the issue.