Error downloading JDK or SDK

When I start SAB (for Mac) 10.0.1 without a project I am greeted with this:

When I try either “Install JDK” or “Install Android SDK”, I get this error message:

Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 16.33.03 Medium

Any suggestions what I should do now?


Can you verify the build number in the about box? I thought I fixed this issue. Is should show:

Scripture App Builder
Version 10.0.1
Build Release 104 (13-Jul 2022)

Can you reply back with a screenshot?

Chris, you were right. My SAB installation was 10.0. That is odd though because i had just downloaded the installation dmg for 10.0.1, but something must have gone wrong with the installation. It did not occur to me to check the About box.

I downloaded again the 10.0.1 dmg and reinstalled SAB. Now the About box says 10.0.1, and I succesfully downloaded both JDK and SDK.