Error in About screen

When I run an app built in SAB on my phone and navigate to the “About” page, when I click “About” it opens a web browser at this address:

If I use the back arrow to navigate out of the browser, then it opens the correct page in the app.

OK. I was able to reproduce this with a project (just turning on GeckoView).

Here is a logcat of the reproduction:

Any update on finding what is causing this bug?

I did some digging and I found out why it is happening. I have proposed a fix. I will see if Richard has a better idea on how to fix it.

Thanks for the prompt to look at it some more!


A fix has been applied and will be in the next release (after 10.1.1).


Thank you very much. I now have two bug fixes in the pipeline! I’m looking forward to the next release!