Error message updating app with webm audio in 11.0.1

I am trying to update an app using SAB 11.0.1 for Windows. The app uses webm audio files that are packaged inside the app. When I try to build the app in SAB, I get the following error message for each of the audio files:

“Fix file ‘filename’ to be only Opus audio” (see attached screenshot)

I haven’t seen this before in previous versions of SAB. Has anyone else come across this, or know how to fix it?

David Fetrow


I just passed through these waters!
It seems that webm is a container the audio of which can either be of ‘vorbis’ process or ‘opus’ processed. It seems SAB only likes the ‘opus’ flavour. In addition when I first tried to comply by using VLC to process my mp3 files to opus, I got the error message suggesting that SAB doesn’t do well on variable bit rate files. In fact you don’t get a chance to see whether that is so or not - that app won’t compile.

So, bet thing is to use the conversion utility that is built in to SAB - select all audio files that you have imported into the app and right click, selecting the ‘convert audio’ option near the bottom of the dropdown. The results are files that have a better compression ration than I could manage with any other tool I tried.

What I haven’t worked out is whether the audio timing files need to be adjusted for each type of audio file that is used - i.e mp3 or self-processed webm or webm from FCBH. It seems that there are tracking differences. I’m wondering whether this should be?

Hope that helped in lieu of a more professional answer!

@David_Fetrow We haven’t changed anything regarding checking of audio files. I would be surprised if you saw different behavior between 10.4 and 11.0.1.