Error when '&' in user directory name

I think we may have found some bugs with SAB (and possibly other app builders) related to the creation of temp batch files in the User AppData\Temp directory. These are used when Installing packages (Settings… Android SDK tab) and maybe checking the aeneas installation.

The user has a directory LT&P.
When we click Install Packages… it complains about there not being a folder C:\Users\LT. Well, actually before it seemed to have created a folder C:\Users\LT\lib with several things in it. This was not a genuine user profile directory.

I think the ‘&’ is messing up some things from the combination of the Windows command line and Java.

The upshot was that we couldn’t install packages until we looked in Users\LT&P\AppData\Local\Temp\ and ran the install-packages.bat batch file.

Can anyone else reproduce this?

Thanks to Ian McQuay: this is an unfixable problem on Windows systems because the & is interpreted as a line break in command line scripts.

It’s therefore important that no paths given to SAB include &, including the User directory name.