Export and import character replacements for Aeneas

It would be great if the table of character replacements (used to synchronize non-Roman script with audio) could be used for several apps. Case in point: I (and people I support) work a lot with Cyrillic texts and in order to make Aeneas work we have to type in at least 20 to 30 characters. If these could be exported and then imported to another project, it would be useful. What I have done is to find the respective section in the .appdef file and pasted it into another .appdef file’s appropriate section but I think this is a bit risky for most users.

@Friedo if you have votes left you can vote for this yourself. :grin:

Warning the following is for people who understand XML syntax. If you do not understand XML syntax this can mess up your .appdef file. Backup first!
As a work around you can open the .appdef file that has the changes added that you want. The changes you want are stored in the <changes> section.
So for each change it looks like this:


My change finds xx and replaces it with xy
The ones already there by default (like U+201D) replace characters by nothing. The find character is a unicode codepoint.

I use a free First Object XML Editor (FOXE) with the Tools/Preferences/Tree Customizations set to:

* @id @name @type @theme @default @mode @min @value @append-version @build @enabled * 

Then the tree view on the left helps me know each element what is inside most of the elements.

Find the changes in the source document (in FOXE doubleclick on the changes in the left) then copy everything in changes then in the .appdef file without the extra changes (in FOXE again double click on the changes) and paste in the full changes you want.

Then use the Tools/MSXML Validate to make sure it is still valid.

Or use a Text compare tool to copy changes that way. Again be careful of the syntax. This is perhaps more dangerous.