Export/Import Character Replacement table in Aeneas wizard

We are working on a lot of apps with Cyrillic text. Unfortunately, Aeneas doesn’t recognize these characters so we have to replace them all with Latin equivalents in the Character Replacement section. It would be great if we could export/import these replacements so we they don’t have to be added manually each time. This would be especially helpful at SAB workshops for new users of SAB. Thanks!

Yes I was just working with some people who use unsupported scripts. This seems very important.

Can I add that it would be good if you could do this without having to start the Aeneas wizard.

I voted for it.

If you know how to carefully edit the appdef file of the project, you can copy from one project to another. Just make sure you copy the <changes type="sync"> section but not the <changes type="main"> section.