Export SAB project

Is there a way to save or export an entire SAB project for another user / computer (can’t see an option or in the docs)? I’m using windows but want to export all the text / settings / API keys etc etc to give to a collegue so he can build the apple version… Would also be useful in order to backup projects in case of computer failure! If not is there a manual way to do this by copying certain files?

Hi Andy,
That would be a nice feature but you can copy the Appdata folder and the appdef file from wherever your build files are and share them with someone else. If they have SAB they can open the appdef file and have the build just as you left it. The only catch may be if there is audio included in the app. They may have fixed this but if not the new builder will have to re-map or point builder to those as SAB will look for them at the location from the first computer. Other than that it’s easy to do.
Hope that helps.
For the glory of One!
D Nev

Hi Dan - thanks very much, that is really helpful!