Export video of synchronized text and audio

I’d like to request a feature that would create/export a video file of some sort (e.g. mp4) using the timing files synchronized with the audio.
It would be similar to the ability to create/export epub format from SAB. The purpose is to create something that can be put on YouTube or Facebook in a popular format that the language community is familiar with, and it can help them learn to read the text.
The result would be a read-along/karaoke type of video. This is a strongly felt need right now in the community I am working with.

So you just want words scrolling synced to audio with no image behind? Or do you want a image behind?

Yes, that is the idea - just text and audio, in a video format. They could be scrolling, or just one or two lines per screen, or like karaoke, or something like that.
It’s not important whether or not there is an image behind. Either way is fine.

I’d like to also request this feature to be built into the app. I have several literacy teams who have working apps that would like to post Scripture videos to youtube, since 80% of the target audience have phones with insufficient memory or pirated android, so cannot use the app.

If anyone knows a streamlined way to do this with a screen recorder please share the procedure.


Please vote @rgreen.

Here is a good workaround until this feature is part of SAB. Get Directions below with images

1. Install Mobizen app. there are seperate Mobizen apps for Samsung or LG phones  The phone I used was a Xiomi so I think the generic Mobizen app will work on most phones.
  1. Install the app you want to make the video from, and run it. Pick the chapter or page that you want to make a video from. Go to the beginning of that page. With phone held vertically start the audio, and check that the audio and yellow scrolling is functioning correctly and as desired. Next, turn the phone horizontal and pinch/squeeze to set the desired font size for the video (maybe 6-10 lines per screen).

  2. Run the Mobizen app. Go to the settings by tapping the icon on the screen. 4 icons appear, click this one Now click the sprocket at the top of next screen It probably will be highlighted in white.

  3. On this setting manual press and enable the Clean recording mode. Make sure the “Sound” setting is enabled. Optionally you can set a longer than 3 second countdown time and choose to store the files on internal memory, SD card, or maybe even a USB card plugged into the micro SD charge jack. Mobizen has a video editor, but it will be more efficient if you just make the video correctly, rather than go back and try to fix it.

  4. Put the phone in airplane mode to prevent calls and notifications from interrupting and wrecking the recording. Also increase the volume to maximum before you start recording. If you reduce the volume while recording it reduces the volume in the video file.

Switch back to the app to be recorded. Hold phone horizontally. Tap the icon,
then tap You may get a dialogue box saying “Check your status bar to stop your recording” --Ignore, this clicking OK, or check Do not display, then OK.

You will see 3 2 1 countdown start, but ignore this tap the play audio speaker icon , AND immediately double tap the screen so it switches to full screen display. The video is now recording.

While the phone is recording the video you need to keep the phone in a horizontal position. If you turn it vertical the recording will turn vertical too.

When the chapter or page finishes press the power button on the phone to stop the recording. When you wake the phone again, you will see a dialogue box with watching the video as a choice.

  1. Review the video to see if it is what you want. then you should rename the file to match the chapter or name of the song or whatever.

  2. From here you can click on the share icon Image result for share icon and upload the video directly to youtube.

It is easier than these directions may seem. Give it a try recording some short segments, to find the best font size.

Yes, thank you for these instructions @rgreen620. It is a bit easier/more intuitive than it sounds. I have found that the most difficult part is getting the transition from the screen with the audio controls and double tapping quickly before the recording starts, when the recording does not have much of an intro or any lag time.

With Android 9, it does not allow the internal recording of sound, therefore I have to manually re-unite the video and audio (I am just using Windows 10 Photo app) afterward.

I echo your sentiment that this is just a work-around until it can be made a feature of SAB.

We did those videos manually by screencasting the SAB app to Facebook Live. See those videos here : http://bit.ly/MalBible

But I would recommend having a similar feature available in SAB.

I heard that a feature of exporting video of a Bible verse with synced audio will be available in upcoming SAB version 7.0. :smile:

Yes the upcoming SAB 7.0 will have an export video feature. But it will add about 20MB to the size of the app if it is included.