Export Windows/Mac/Linux Installation Files

SAB is life saver for developing smart phone bible app. Thank you very much for that. I was wondering if there is any possibility in SAB to build the executable/installable files for PC, Mac and Linux.

Thank you

Hi Waktola Merdassa,
To my knowledge this is not yet part of SAB. I think it’s hoped that it will be someday. We in Kalaam Media (IPS Apps) have been. using the HTML export from SAB to build pc versions for Windows, Linux and Mac. It’s a detailed process a colleague of mine figured out how to do.

If your project is not too complicated and you are willing to share your build with me I can probably produce these for you. BUT I would ask that you have your SAB build exactly as you want it before sending me any files. I would need either the Appdata folder and the appdef file OR the exported HTML files.

I hope this helps.
For the glory of One!
Dan Neville
Kalaam Media Implementation Manager

In SAB 7.0, we are adding a (beta) feature for Progressive Web Apps which allows the generated HTML to be hosted at a web server using https. This can be installed as an application on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux without having to publish to a store.

This first version will just be the HTML that can already be generated with tweaks to support PWA and some minimal styling. We are hoping to have an intern this summer to focus on a full HTML client with more features. We will see…


This is a great news. Thank you for the update