External mechanisms (voice / shortcuts) to play audio from where you were last listening

I like to listen to an audio Bible when I’m driving or otherwise can’t be looking at the screen. I can tell my phone, “OK Google: Launch audio Bible”, and it will open FCBH’s Bible.is app to the chapter I was last listening to. Unfortunately, I must then manually click the play button on the screen to stream or to play offline the audio, depending on whether I’ve previously downloaded it. (If I’m using a bluetooth headset, I can then use forward/back buttons work to change chapters, but the play/pause button is glitchy.)

In the ideal world, our users would have this same ability in SAB apps. Even better would be if launching in this manner would resume playing the audio without requiring touchscreen interaction. Another improvement would be resuming at whatever point I’d previously stopped the audio, as an audiobook does.

A non-voice approach would be a shortcut on the home screen that I could tap to resume playing the audio from wherever I left off.

I suspect many in our target audiences would likewise engage more often with Scripture if it was as easy as a voice command or a home screen shortcut.

What do you think?

Reference: Add Voice Capabilities