Facebook handler not working


I have put different links apart from facebook in navigation menu like twitter account, facebook account, whatsapp number, app update link and so…
Likewise twitter, youtube and whatsap, Facebook link doesn’t get open. It opens in browser.
So, please go through this bug and try to resolve it.

Raja Sand

Hi Raja, I’ll put in my thoughts and maybe others can add to it.

If you put in a link that begins with http://, the device reads that as an instruction to go to the browser. I did some searching and found that Facebook has a link you can use to link directly to the app through using this kind of link


The PAGEID there is your numeric link to your page, not the regular link. You can get your number by looking in About on your page or you can use https://findmyfbid.com/ and put in your normal link and it will give you your number. For example SIL’s page on FB is


But through that site you can find that their pageID is 118317871526783, so your fb:// link would be


Try it and see how it works for you.

@Corey_Garrett, I tried using a fb:// url when Facebook was not installed and the app crashed. :frowning:

I sent a message to Richard about it (and some suggestions on how we could support FB being installed or not).


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