Facing problem in recording

We were trying to record some books in Indian minority languages that were checked by the consultants using “Hear this”(V-2.0.110). Some of the languages are facing problem as they have huge chunks and so finding it hard to record. Is there a way to do that? Your help will be much appreciated.
Thank you, Hanok Kurian.

From my earlier e-mail to someone else who asked the same question yesterday:
It looks like the tool you have shown in HT_2.png (Record long line in parts) is something new which we didn’t have in earlier versions, BUT it looks like it should serve you well. You can click on the different circle buttons on the right to record one part of the sentence after another. In the case of this massive genealogy, why didn’t they just make each sentence a sentence? That would have been easier for everyone one to read, record and listen to later!

It looks like you do have commas in there, so click this:


To be clear, breaking the displayed lines at “pause punctuation” only affects the visual display on the screen. Breaking the text into lines may well help make it easier for the reader not to get lost, so that can be useful. As long as that text is, though, I’m afraid that breaking it into separate lines will cause the bottom portion to disappear off the bottom of the screen. For a text that long, even mjpenny’s solution might not be enough to get them through. There are a couple other possible ways to try to deal with this, but the technical challenges start to go up pretty quickly. Since this has come up a few times, perhaps we need to prioritize some kind of change to limit the total length or allow for manual splits.

Thanks Tom. That’s pretty bad, when I get confused by my own UI design :worried:

Going back to what mjpenny said previously, if this is not already published Scripture, it might make sense to consider whether the text itself should be changed to break it up into separate sentences for improved readability. Unless there is a compelling reason in this language to keep it as a single sentence, that would be an easy solution.
One more thought: Very often, genealogical portions will be formatted using the “poetry” styles. Some time back, we added a feature that forces separate poetry paragraphs to be treated just like sentence breaks for the purpose of breaking up the text into recording blocks in HearThis. In fact, this feature was specifically added to help deal with a long genealogy without sentence-ending punctuation. The check box to turn this on is on the second tab of the Settings dialog box. (Do pay attention to the large, scary warning there.)