Fade out feature for background music

I have a Picture Story Book app that has a lot of background music accompanying the story. I have edited every background music file to fade out before page turns so that it doesn’t get cut off abruptly at the page turn. This is quite a lot of work and in the case of my app, the app size is now several MB larger because of it… this is due to the fact that much of my background music is repetitive, occurring in different places throughout the story, but for different lengths of time at each place. I have some background music files that occur up to 4 times, and to make them work smoothly in the app, I have had to create 4 separate files of different lengths. If there was a fade out feature that one could use, it would eliminate the need for editing the audio files and would keep the app slimmer in file size.

I plan to add other languages into this app. But the voice audio from other languages will be different in length and thus I will need to edit the background music length again, unless there is a fade out feature built into SAB. :slight_smile:

A fade in feature would also be great!… but a fade out feature is certainly more essential.

I am regularly amazed at what I can do with this software… I’m so thankful for it! Thank you developers for your great work :+1: