Failed to create ptxprint.... Error Message

I am attempting to print a copy of the Gospel of Mark. I have only produced an error message. I have uploaded the error message.

The error message says to us Run Basic Checks to uncover Marker errors. No Marker errors were found.
I tried to use Export draft PDF from the Paratext menu to see if that might help. I got back a Export draft to PDF failed… error message.
Being new to Paratext and PTXprint I am not sure where to go from here. Thank you for your help.

I’m sorry that the help from the error message wasn’t more helpful. We really need to update that message to point people to the Help page/tab which has a button to “Create Archive…” - which can also be used to package up your files and settings to send them to us (hover over the button to see the Tooltip which tells you where to send it to).


If you can do that, we’ll take a look to see why it is failing.

Just looking at the the !Arithmetic overflow line of that error message and the one below, my guess is that you are using some kind of table markers in a slightly unusual way, and it thinks it needs to make a table with no columns, and thus divides by 0.
As the bottom line says \p, my guess would be that you have a \p soon after the start of a table. The l.505 says that it met the error somewhere near line 505 of your USFM file, but sometimes it gets it wrong.

Just for the record:
There was a spurious \tr marker located in the file. \tr is usually used for a table, but there weren’t any other elements related to a table at that location, so once the marker was deleted, it all worked fine.