FCBH Analytics Service for Scripture App Builder Apps

Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) has established an analytics service for use with Scripture App Builder. We receives small anonymous summary reports of Scripture engagement activities when an app user connects to the Internet. Aggregate reports are used internally and shared with partner ministries. Personal information is never collected. By selecting FCBH Analytics in Scripture App Builder’s Analytics pane, your app will send a small daily digest (about 300 bytes for each day the app is used) of compressed, completely anonymous data (no personal, phone, or GPS location information) via an encrypted transport (https) to an Amazon data center in Asia (not US), when the device is connected to the Internet (via cell or WIFI) while the app is running. FCBH offers access to this service (data and dashboard) to interested ministry partners (e.g. app builders) so they can easily track usage - simply email sab-analytics@fcbhmail.org with your app package name to request access. This will give you an idea of the extent to which people are interacting with the app.

Data is aggregated by an FCBH server running Splunk, and displayed via interactive dashboard which allows drill-down to specific apps/versions/countries etc. The dashboard is a work in progress, and interested ministry partners are welcome to contribute or build their own dashboards on the Splunk server.

A snapshot of the dashboard is below:

Step by Step Guide for adding FCBH Analytics to SAB Bible Apps

Step 1 - Go to Analytics from Scripture App Builder settings menu.

Step 2 - Check Enable Analytics option from Analytics Settings.

Step 3 - Click on Add Analytics Account button.

Step 4 - Select FCBH Digest Analytics from the Dropdown.

Step 5 - Click OK button to save your settings.

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Thanks, Joshy.

Will using these analytics will require a Privacy Policy?

I know of someone who was using different analytics, and their app was removed from the Play Store for not submitting a Privacy Policy (which would be required for the app to collect the data it was collecting).


SAB Apps do not collect and transmit “personal or sensitive user data unrelated to functionality described prominently in the app’s listing on Google Play or in the app interface”.

FCBH Analytics only collects anonymous data (no personal, phone, or GPS location information)

Here is a sample privacy policy - https://www.wycliffe.org/scripture-app-privacy

Thank you for this info and for the sample Privacy Policy.

Do you know specifically if it collects the Android Advertising ID? I know someone whose app was recently taken off the Play Store for collecting that information without a Privacy Policy. It was not FCBH analytics, but I don’t know how to find out if FCBH also collects the Android Advertising ID.

No, FCBH Analytics never collects Android Advertising ID.

Wheras Google Firebase collects identifiers for mobile devices (for example, Android Advertising ID and Advertising Identifier for iOS) and utilizes technologies similar to cookies.

Thank you so much for your help, Joshy.