FCBH Audio Documentation

I was recently attempting to update a SAB app with audio provided by Faith Comes By Hearing. I just wanted to note that the documentation was a little bit sparse.

The main step that was missing was that one needs to download the actual audio files off the FCBH website and put them into SAB (in the ‘Audio Files’ tab). I had a friend help me out with this; I would have never guessed to do this, since I would have thought that that would mean putting all the audio IN the app. What my friend made clear was that SAB needs the names of the audio files in the app in order to associate them with the right files on the FCBH server.

I’m not super techy, so I don’t know if I said that right, but it makes sense to me now. Before I did that, the audio wouldn’t work in the app, even though the ‘Audio Source’ tab was all correct. Once I added those files into the ‘Audio Files’ tab, the audio was able to work on the app. Plus, the audio files I downloaded from FCBH made it clear which DAM-ID was which (whereas trying to read it in the API was really confusing).

It probably sounds self-evident to most, but for amateurs like myself, I wouldn’t have figured that out from the SAB documentation alone.

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Thank you for pointing this out, Matt. We want to make sure that the documentation is as clear as possible.

You’ll also need the actual audio files if you want to use aeneas to synchronise text and audio. In the future, we hope that the audio synchronisation information can be downloaded from FCBH.