FCBH -- Audio Source for PWA?

I am trying to set up FCBH as an audio source. Does this work only for the mobile apps, but not for PWA? I notice that the PWA settings have a separate setting for the URL for audio.

Yes, FCBH audio can also be used for PWAs. If you right-click on your book collection, you should see an option for “Export to HTML Settings.” You will need to provide a path to the audio files that looks something like this:

The last portion of that path “NHETBLN2DA” is the unique DAM ID for the audio files you want to access, so that will change depending on the language.

Hope this helps.

FYI, this URL is for DBP2. This will be going away in the near future. We are talking with FCBH about what to do for DBP4 in PWAs. I will try to remember to post here what we have figured out. It will likely be a JavaScript library that we include in the PWA and it will use the audio source configuration specified for the apps.

I noticed they are in the process of upgrading to the API — but the solution outlined above — seems to just be hotlinking the audio — not using any API, whatever the version. Maybe this would be an inherent limitation of having it set up as a static site.

I wonder if FCBH minds us hotlinking like this. It would also sidestep your analytics, I think.

FYI, for the mean time, if you want a PWA to work, all of the resources that it uses should be requested via HTTPS. So the url above should start with https://cloud.faithcomesbyhearing.com

Chris, any comment on my question about hotlinking? I want to make sure I don’t step on anyone’s toes.

Another follow up – I tried using the cloud.faithcomesbyhearing.com domain as outlined above – but it seems that in the database, the Scriptures have separate DAM IDs for the Old and New Testaments – so it seems like I can choose to have it work for OT or NT but not both.

Any thoughts about this?


This is becoming more of an issue for exactly the reason hope1 noted. FCBH is making the files available to use through Bible Brain, but often times it’s through different DAM ID’s for OT and NT.

Other times it is a problem is when we build a diglot or tiglot, but can only select one path for the audio files.

It would be ideal if we could set PWA paths for audio based on a book collection; then each collection could pull from a different source.

We will be working on re-implementing the PWA support this summer. What is currently there is a HACK of the Generate HTML process for checking the text/audio synchronization. It is not ideal and has many limitations. We are not putting additional effort into the HACK implementation.

As for the hotlinking, we are talking with FCBH about working on a JavaScript library to access audio from BibleBrain. I imagine that this will be worked on this summer.