Feature like More Apps, Check App Update, Youtube Tutorials/Instruction, Favorites

Would like to see the feature as a link button within Slide Navigation menu (along side History, Bookmarks, About, Setting etc) of the app to redirect user to…

  1. “More Apps” ( Google Playstore to show developers other exiting apps)
  2. “Check App Update” (Google Playstore check the updates and manual update or force update when opening the app, if update exist)
  3. “Youtube Tutorials/Instruction” (Youtube link to videos published for instruction)
  4. “Favorites” (Which will be active for Book type =“Song book” active for every single “\c” chapter tag and independent of verse tag “\v” unlike the bookmark which is applicable only when “\v” is used)

Thank you for this suggestion.

Scripture App Builder 7.0 gives you a new feature in Features > Menu Items. You can define some additional menu items to be added to the bottom of the navigation drawer menu. Please try it out and let us know if there are ways in which it can be improved.

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Thanks for adding the features in SAB as it very helpfull and convenient but would like to ask if its possible to add default icon/image (in built in SAB) for each existing item menu like the email, App rating, websites etc so that the developer can select like selecting the default app icons or splash.


M Haokip.

I would vote for the suggestion to have ‘App update’ button/link to be added to the Menu list.