Feature Request: aeneas syncing to recognize \d tags in .sfm


when SAB makes phrase lists for aeneas to create timing files, you can choose to recognize \s headings. The Psalms are often headed with \d, which often is a longer introduction phrase from the text of the psalm. It is possible to search and replace those \d tags to make them \s tags so the timings include that text, but it would be helpful if we could tick a box for \d support as we can for the \s headings.


Welcome Daniel to the community.

You can run a Change to modify your text so that the \d becomes a \s.

In the Changes section. Create a new change.
Find: \\d
Replace: \\s

I am not finding \d in the USFM documentation.

Here it is:

This is one of the markers that we give special treatment to

since it is effectively a heading in the markup, but we treat it as a paragraph.

This is for print only. We haven’t tried this for SAB aps yet.

We convert them to \m and do some tricks to keep verse 1 below this, section headings above (if any), and drop-cap chapters positioned with the \d and not with verse 1.


Hi - Could this ‘special treatment’ of the \d marker be causing my problem? (See original post below) In French bibles the descriptive title is verse one (or the first part of verse one), but still needs special formatting. PT can handle this and displays the descriptive titles correctly, but SAB drops the \d formatting from the stylesheet.

Try what @mcquayi suggests when using Aeneas and just switch that change off for creating the app.

It would be good if the conversions used with Aeneas did support all the headings markers at https://ubsicap.github.io/usfm/titles_headings, but I wouldn’t know how to change this … :slight_smile:

No that doesn’t work. \s doesn’t (and shouldn’t) accept a verse marker, so SAB ignores it in the changed SFM.
\d, on the other hand, should accept a verse marker.

Then try change it to a paragraph marker for the purpose of Aeneas.
Find: \\d
Replace: \\m (or \\p etc.)

Paratext might support displaying a verse marker in a \d, but it was most likely introduced as an exception to accommodate those cases. They really should have made two markers: \d for descriptive headings and e.g. \pd for where it is used as a paragraph and not a heading by the translators.

Thanks Greg - actually it’s not Aeneas which is the problem, it’s the formatting of this text in SAB. I just noticed something in this thread that might be relevant: that SAB has some special treatment of \d markers - and I thought this must be what is breaking the formatting for original versification projects.
Sorry to hijack the thread - I’ll leave it here as I’m not using Aeneas on this text yet. Hopefully we’ll get somewhere on my original thread.

@Phil_M This post deals with Aeneas.

Then try this:

Find: \\d
Replace: \\po
(\po is a rarely used paragraph marker - just make sure it is not in use with your translation)

and set the style for the \po
(remove the padding and change the font-style and/or font-weight if needed)