[Feature Request] Audio control

Hello Brothers,
I with few feature requests.

  • On connection headphones, app can detect this action. If headphones was connected then on 90% user wanna listen some audio and then app can ask about it, e.g. showed popup (like notification on iOS) with message “Headphones connected. Play Audio?” on click to popup start playing Scripture.
  • Back action. On unplug – pause action (partly works on iOS, not works on Android)
  • replace 3 dots to speed of audio (1 x), on click speed can be changed or showed in first popup (currently one line, where on click opened new window), user can do on 1 click less.
  • add to audio audio button for auto sleep: disable, 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, after 1 hr, End of Chapter, End of book (just like iOS podcast app)
  • add buttons 15 sec back/forward, because scrubbing is more difficult
  • also on iOS time on progress has lag(not updated) on scrubbing, on android is OK
  • See also iOS issues with audio (Ticket 56873)