Feature request : Automatic paratext .sfm file refresh setting

I would like to propose a setting that will make SAB automatically refresh / update files that are updated in Paratext. I fall into the trap of assuming SAB does this automatically behind the screen each time, and only after a while of looking for what can be the problem do I realise I have to do a refresh. It would be SO nice, to not have to worry about that and and at each save, or before each app-build (if of course in SAB it was set to automatically update, which I suggest should be ON by default).

Submitted with hope,
Bart Eenkhoorn

I agree that this would be useful. :slight_smile:

I changed this to a feature request so it is better labeled and any with a vote left can vote for it. I’ve used all of mine.

I wouldn’t want automatic updates. Often the teams I support make changes that are not ready for publishing. I prefer to update SAB when I’m ready. If there’s a setting I would prefer it by OFF by default which would keep things as they are now.

I agree with Ron. We (Kalaam) often receive request for apps and one of the parameters we specifically ask for is if the files have been checked and approved for publishing. If that has not be done, we don’t want to include them in a published app.

Hi Dan, the problem is that a less-initiated user can answer that question with “yes”, meaning yes the paratext files, including the latest additions, were checked and approved for publishing. But what you really want is for SAB to take these latest changes into account.
I agree that a book should only be included in the App if the text is Checked and Approved. But what I am saying here are already approved books to which small changes are applied as the translation of other books progresses. So my features request would only apply of books that are already consultant checked.

Maybe what we (also) need before every build is a pop up windows saying “Did you make any recent changes in Paratext? Be sure to refresh the SAB file before you build your app if you want these changes to be included in your App.” (and a tickbox “Don’t show this message again” in the left-bottom corner).

The question of wherever this would be enabled by default or not is interesting, but in any case, I’m in favor of the option being available. Ideally, it would work for any source of any kind of book- not just Scripture. (RAB and DAB too.)

If a pop-up were to be added, I would ask that it give the option of actually updating the file- not just reminding the user to do it. And then the build would continue without extra clicks.

That’s my two cents, anyway :smiley:.

I’d vote too but I’m also out of votes.


Suggestion … on clicking Build Android App:

Would you like to update your Book collections from the source folders?

[ Yes ] (Please Send/Receive Projects… in Paratext first)
[ No ]

[ ] Do not ask again

Plus, the ability to turn this on or off in SAB settings.