Feature request (Bug?) - Search Icon always visible

A user asked me to make searches visible in song books. I tested it and indeed the search icon is only visible in the overview screen and not on the pages of the individual songs : (see screen shot)
Visible in the overview:

But not on the individual songs:


Furthermore, I discovered a discrepancy between the Bluestacks emulated screen and the read android screen on my phone :


I suspect that on the android phone I am using that the search icon is not visible if all the layout configuration boxes are ticked. The wording “if there is room” seems to suggest that the search icon will always prevail, but it seems it does not in this case.

If the box is not selected the search icon appears


However, trying to display two translations in 1 screen does now no longer seem to work. On can set the two screens in the main menu: (Which on the android phone requires tapping OK twice).

After tapping OK twice, the app returns to the Content Menu which has the Bible as well as OT stories and The Song book. Selecting the Bible from the list in the content menu opens Matthew 1, without the other selected translation in a split screen as expected. The same goes for trying to display three versions in one screen …

This means that the :
needs to be selected and the icon needs to be in the top bar to be able to display another language …
At the moment the choice seems to be between search icon on, or layout configuration button on. What I would like is to be able to search always, and at least for the layout configuration to work by setting it in the main menu …, even if the layout button icon is not visible in the menu …

So in retrospect this post may be about a bug and a feature request at the same time. In any case, warmly recommended.