Feature request - Increase font size of question to be translated

I share my screen via Internet with my MMT assistant. We are both in our 70s and he is unable to read the question in the Spanish Language Question column. The font size in the Translation column is very readable and both of us would appreciate the font size in the Question column being equal to that in the Translation column.

I am pretty sure that Transcelerator picks up the font AND size from the settings in Paratext. So, please could you try adjusting the default size of the font/text in Paratext (in Language Settings) and then close and re-open Transcelerator to see if the size has increased there.

(On second thoughts - you might be right that this only controls the Translation, and not the Questions themselves [in Spanish]…) Maybe someone else has some experience there…

Yes, the font/size in Paratext only determines the font used for the vernacular text in Transcelerator. We have presumed (perhaps incorrectly) that displaying the English or Spanish text at the same size as other elements of the user interface would be acceptable. In Windows Display Settings, you can change your “Scale and layout” to a higher percentage to increase the size of the Spanish text. This will increase the size of text and layout proportions across most applications in Windows, but if you’re having a hard time reading the screen, that might be exactly what you want. Please let me know if that solves your problem.

Well Tom, I tried increasing the “Scale and Layout” to 150% and I am really underwhelmed. Happily when I set it back to 100% my desktop and other things went back to their former locations and sizes. But not only did increasing the size accomplish what you suspected in making the question column more readable but it also increased the translation column which was already OK at 100%. I have big wide monitors and at the higher percentages all that fit on my screens was the question and translation columns, which is fine for what we are trying to do but the really elite approach would be to make both the question column and the translation column font size determined by the Paratext setting. If you made that change in the program it would avoid all the other unrelated upsets in programs not associated with Paratext and Transcelerator. Plus, then with the knowledge that Paratext controls the font size of those two columns each user could adjust for themselves without impacting every other program on the computer.
I accompany this with a screen shot in which it appears to me that the font size of the question column is at least much thinner if not a smaller font size than the normal font size of your response and notice the dramatic difference the translation column.

Thanks for your feedback. The size of the text is that same as the other UI elements, but “perception is reality.” Obviously, it’s one thing to read a word or two in a menu and another thing to read sentence after sentence in the course of doing your work. I think it’s probably not ideal to tie the two things together because some non-Roman fonts really need a very different size from the one used for a Roman font to be readable. Looks like we’ll need to add a way to specify the font size for the question to be translated. I’ll put it on my to-do list.