[Feature request] Separate SF administration permissions from PT administrator roles?

In the project were we are helping, it makes practical sense for a certain person to be the the person on Scripture Forge responsible for uploading sound files, archiving questions etc, as he is technologically competent and helps us putting Transaltor’s recordings of the text into SF and other technology-assistance type roles. At present, this only seems possible for the administrator.
However, he is not formally involved in the translation side and should not really have any rights to alter the translation in Paratext, let alone assign roles, making it odd for him to be project administrator on the Paratext side of things.
Could SourceForge add a ‘technology assistant’ or similar role that leaves the translation text unalterable but permits other functions currently limited to the administrator role? (Or better still, provide a fully granular list of permissions)?

Hi David,

You can give a translator permission to manage questions. If you open the project in Scripture Forge and then click on “Users” in the bottom left corner, there will be a user management page. At the bottom it lists users:

An admin on the project can give any Paratext translator, consultant, or even observer permission to manage questions. So I think in your case you can give your user whatever role in Paratext is needed, and then he should be able to be given full access to manage questions in Scripture Forge.

Would that work for your situation?

We’ve tried that, but there seem to be some tasks (I can’t remember which, possibly bulk-uploading questions?) where managing questions permissions was not enough for him, and we had to make him administrator.

Hi David,

I’m sorry to here that didn’t work for you. I just checked, and it appears it should have been possible for him to bulk import questions. If you’re able to find out from him what it was that didn’t work, that would really help us track down the issue.