Feature request - two-way syncroniation

Just looking at SF as a solution to do remote consultant checking. The current features sound helpful, however I have already marked up a text in Paratext with comments (3 different labels). I tried syncing to get them to come in with the text… alas, no go.

Is that a possibility or slim to none? Or not even feasible. Or can you think of a workaround?

Hi Ross
Yep, if what you are after is to use the Paratext Notes in SF, then we are currently working on it. See the progress here [SF-1192] Enable Paratext notes in Translate App - LTD JIRA. We are hoping to have the first release available at the end of this quarter. This will allow you to see the PT Notes in SF. We will then work on being able to create and edit notes in SF.

Great news! Thanks Ira.

Hi Ross,

Scripture Forge now shows notes that are created in Paratext. It’s not yet possible to create new notes in Scripture Forge or edit or reply to notes, but we’re working on that. You’ll need to sync your project in order to have the notes show up in Scripture Forge.