Feature Suggestion for Aeneas Synchronization

I have found that the punctuation marks in the text are sometimes not the best places to divide up the phrases. In many cases they are, but in some they are not. I want the text highlighting to fit with the cadence of how the text is actually read. So as a hack I have had to replace all punctuation marks I want to use with a special symbol, in my case $, which occurs immediately after the punctuation marks. I made a special version of the text just for the synchronization process; I plan to replace $ with a zero width space once all the timings files are made so it does not appear in the app, using the zero width space as the “punctuation mark” that SAB will use to determine phrase breaks. This way I can run aeneas and then modify the results by adding or deleting $ where needed to get the results I want. Then I re-run aeneas and do the fine tunings. It would be nice if there were a way to modify the phrase boundaries while doing fine tuning. If there is a phrase break where you do not want it you could click on a button to say “ignore this break”, for example. Likewise it would be good to have a way to add a break where desired in the fine tunings file - even where there is not a punctuation mark. Finally, it would also be good if you could override a default break which occurs at verse number, paragraph or poetic line break. A button that would let you click to ignore one such break would be nice. With these features you could use aeneas more efficiently to get the desired results without the need for using another approach such as my hack or doing it all manually in Audacity. I am doing a full Bible, so am looking for ways to improve the process while achieving the best results possible. Thanks!

I agree, the ability to add or remove a break in Fine Tuning would be great.

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I suggest adding a character count (from after \\v \d_ or from previous count)* to the Timing Files so it could be edited forward or backwards by 1 character increments (or typed in).

*_ underscore represents a space

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