Figure Copyrights Placement

How do you get PtxPrint to auto-create the list of figures with correct copyrights?
It isn’t working for me.

I have added this to the FRT book:
\p \zcopyright
\p \zimagecopyrights

Thanks, Mike

Result for Genesis with 15 figures:
Illustration on page १७ by Horace Knowles revised by Louise Bass
© The British & Foreign Bible Society, १९९४.
All other illustrations © १९९६ David C. Cook

Yes, what it has produced is correct/accurate, and what we would expect it to say. It says that only ONE illustration is by HK & LB of BFBS, and all OTHER illustrations are by DCC. If you specifically want all the page numbers (for every illustration) listed, then that’s not currently possible. If enough people want every picture location listed, that’s easy enough to do, but would require another option in the UI.

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I think I understand now, Thanks