Fine tuning page opens up blank

I used aeneas to sync all of my files at once. When fine tuning there was the odd one that opened up blank in my browser (maybe 1 in 50), this was quickly fixed by simply running aeneas again for those chapters when I found them.
(by blank I mean the chapter is at the top and the media player is at the bottom but there is nothing in between)
However I have come across a chapter (2 Sam 8) now that won’t work even after re-running aeneas. I have checked the timing .txt file and it looks the same as the others, I even checked the html source for the blank fine tuning page and I can’t spot any differences from a normal one.
I’ve tried removing it in SAB, deleting it from the folder, restarting SAB, re-re-running aeneas, etc.
I’ve also tried aeneas with a different chapter and it works and opens normally in a fine tuning.
Any ideas?

I’ve managed to fix the problem so I’ll explain what I did in case it helps someone in the future.
I have noticed elsewhere that the Fine Tuning page sometimes struggles with headings, especially when they divide a verse, but at least it still works in those cases.
This got me looking for something funny in the headings. There was a footnote in the heading at the start of the chapter so I opened the usx file for the book and simply deleted the footnote, then I replaced* the book in Book Collections.
I then re-ran aeneas, then clicked on fine tuning and it worked.
(removing the footnote is of course a temporary workaround, it will be replaced once the audio is sorted out)
*restart SAB after replacing a book