Firebase for both Android & iOS in one SAB project SAB 9.1.1

I can’t seem to see any information about setting up an SAB project for both iOS and Android in the documentation.

  • Do they both have to use the same Firebase Project or can they use two different FB projects?
    i.e. an FB project named SAB apps (Android) and one named SAB apps (iOS)

I want to avoid having to maintain changes in two different SAB Projects for pretty much the same app.

I can add the JSON and PLIST files from more than one FB project, but the SAB > Analytics page only allows one FB Analytics account.

  • And, how will it affect the Realtime Database in Firebase?
    I am already over 16 000 user registrations for our 13 Android apps (all contained in one Firebase Project).
    • Is there a limit to what the Realtime Database can handle?

It looks like I may have found the answer

The iOS document ( implies that you add the iOS app to an existing Firebase Project, so it looks like they need to be in the same project.