Firebase for iOS

Hi dear community,

I have read the manual on how to add Firebase to SAB (p. 37) However the steps are describing it specificaly for Android. When building an iPhone app should I also select Android in Firebase?

The reason I am asking this is that if I select iOS inside Firebase, I do not have a json file but a GoogleService-Info.plist file which I cannot use for SAB.




We have not implemented Analytics yet for iOS. You can see the differences between iOS and Android at:

Thanks Chris,

Any idea on when this would be available?



I am not sure when it will be available. It is on our queue of items to do next.

@ChrisHubbard I know this thread is a bit old. I’m launching a new SAB-built app soon and I was wondering if iOS analytics is still on the roadmap?

Have you considered facebook pixel as well? I will send a separate message about that to the dev team too…

Thanks! Love SAB!

Analytics for iOS is still on the roadmap. Sorry for the delay. I doubt that we would add analytics from Facebook.


thanks @ChrisHubbard.

  1. Re: facebook - is there a specific reason for not wanting to add facebook pixel other than time / effort?
  2. Re: iOS - do you have a timeline at all? I’m a developer (though not iOS) and wondering if it is worth me offering to learn / help.

Firebase Analytics for iOS was added in SAB 7.2. I tried to add Amplitude as well, but we are running into codesigning issues with submitting to the App Store. I am still looking into it.

ERROR ITMS-90179: “Invalid Code Signing. The executable ‘Payload/’ must be signed with the certificate that is contained in the provisioning profile.”

ERROR ITMS-90205: “Invalid Bundle. The bundle at ‘’ contains disallowed nested bundles.”

ERROR ITMS-90206: “Invalid Bundle. The bundle at ‘’ contains disallowed file ‘Frameworks’.”