Firebase notifications of stability issues

Good day all,

I wanted to find out from the community if anyone else is getting reports from Firebase of crashes with their apps. The quantity of crashes is still very low, the reason for the community post is to find out if it is just our apps or if there more apps having a similar issues.

SAB version: 9.2

We have 4 apps that have reports of crashing in the last month and below are the notifications:

New Arabic Version
1.2 (3) 3 crashes 2 users

Kiswahili Contemporary Version
2.0 (2) 3 crashes 3 users
2.0 (2) 2 non-fatals 2 users

Shona Contemporary Bible
1.0 (1) 2 crashes 2 users

New Russian Translation$g.onClick
1.0 (1) 3 crashes 3 users
1.0 (1) 2 non-fatals 2 users

Have a great day further,
James Cuthbert

Hi James,

We, in Kalaam IPS, are also suddenly getting many more notifications than normal. Glad to see your post as I was wondering if it was just us or something on a bigger scale. I’m not sure what do do about it and hope that perhaps Richard Margetts will have some insight to this.

Dan Neville
for Kalaam Apps team


I also received such a report today for the first time. I wonder if it is a new service. The following was the message.



7.19.4 (97)2 crashes2 users

7.20 (98)3 non-fatals3 users


7.20 (98)3 crashes3 users

I seem to be getting the same crash now on a specific app.
Is there anyone that would be able to look into this issue?

Kind regards,
James Cuthbert

The above message is a summary. It is useful to us if you can click on the link and send us the full details of the crash as described in your Firebase console.

Please can you send full details of stability issues to the SAB Support team: