Fixing Google Play Rejections


When submitting an app to Google Play, it goes through review. At times, it can be rejected. Sometimes the rejection is due to wording in the Play Store listing. When an app is in a rejected state and needs wording changed in the Play Store listing, Scriptoria cannot be used to update the text. If you attempt to update it with Scriptoria, you will get this error when publishing.

[!] Google Api Error: Invalid request - Changes cannot be sent for review automatically. Please set the query parameter changesNotSentForReview to true. Once committed, the changes in this edit can be sent for review from the Google Play Console UI.

You will need to update the text through the Google Play Developer Console. Once it is accepted, you will need to make the same changes in the Google Play Listing information stored in the App Builder desktop application (so that the next time your project data is uploaded to Scriptoria, it is using the correct Google Play listing information).

We will look into what changes can be made to support updating the google Play Listing when dealing with a rejection.

Chris Hubbard