Folder permissions needed urgently

SAB has somehow corrupted one audio file. It is present in its audio-folder in the project, but it does not play and the colum for Size shows “not found”.

When I right-click and ask “delete Audio” it does not go away from the project audio folder, it is just not listed any more inside SAB.

Somehow SAB has locked up the project folders - so I cannot fix things and am rather frustrated right now.

I have a good master copy of this audio file and even when SAB is shut down, my own Windows does not let me replace the broken file.

We are two working days from publishing (in time for Christmas), so please help!!

Update: I made an ugly fix: copied the good master file, and renamed it and told SAB to use this new name. So now we have a badly named but working file in the audio folder and a normally named corrupted file too. This will create trouble in a few months, when the app gets extended. So I still would like access to the folder to clean up properly.

I would just be re-importing the audio from the good version with the same name. SAB does not create an audio folder in each project, it just gets th files from where they are on your computer.

I order to delete the bad file I’d open a command prompt as administrator and try and delete it that way.

I am using SAB 6.1, I believe it was the latest a few days ago when I started this project. Sorry to disagree, my SAB did create a sub-folder “audio” inside the main project folder. Here it copies any audio file that I assign to the project. I believe SAB is only working from these “intaken” copies. Same for the timing files, but at least for those I have full rights for editing.

This morning, when I booted my machine and had a look, the corrupted audio file from yesterday was gone from that SAB project-internal-folder. Yesterday I had tried deleting it directly with no success. And I had asked SAB to “Delete Audio” but it had only been removed from the list within the SAB-GUI, not from the audio-folder.

So there must be some housecleaning happening at certain moments (first start after a boot?)

Now, at the moment I have a good looking project, with one strangely named audio-file in my list. That will do for now. Thread can be closed, thank you.

I am ready to discuss the issue why project files get totally locked up from the users if there is interest.