Font not displaying right in bloom player


I used a specific font in Bloom (Andika) and imported the book into SAB. I have the font included with the app as the default font as well. When my contents menu loads up the font is displayed correctly, but when I click on the contents menu item to launch the bloom blook, the font within the bloom book is not correct. I’ve gone into the SAB project folder and checked the bloom book .htm file and when loading into a browser it displays correctly. I’m not sure what’s up. Any suggestions?


Are you importing the .bloomd file and thus using the Bloom Player embedded in SAB?

Yes, that’s right. I’ve imported the .bloommd files for my SAB app.

Hello! I am still experiencing this issue. (Oct. 2021)
I have a bloom book with a specified font “Andika”. It displays properly in the Bloom Reader app, but when I use the .htm file from the book import menu within SAB and SAB loads the Bloom player, the font is not rendered. I’m not why. Any suggestions?


I am also experiencing a similar issue. The font displays correctly within the SAB “Viewer” tab using my specified font, but then when I build the app, it is just pulling from the default font for two of the pages of my book (which, in Bloom, have a different “style” than other pages in the book).
Would be nice to find a solution to this. I have tried changing all sorts of things under Text Styles and still cannot find the “right” thing to change in order to fix this.