Font problems in Chapter Intro selector

I’ve written the word “introduction” in our local language, in the area styled by ui.button.chapter-intro.

The font for the main project is Graphite-only. GeckoView does a fairly good job in most places, but not in this particular one. It would be nice for it to work here.

Alternately, I’d like to use a different font. I’ve chosen both a non-graphite font and also the system font in that style, but it does not have any effect. height does have effect, so I know I’m in the correct styling area.

The project is senstiive so I’m not posting it here, but I can send it to someone for testing if needed.

Hopefully a picture will help.

The two circled words should be the same. The upper one is correct. The lower is not.

One of the many oddities here are which fonts are being used. The font in the upper bar is Awami. The font where “chapter” رکُوع and “verse” آیات are is Scheherazade New. If I could change the font for that lower circled are from Awami to Scheherazade, it would solve my problem without the developers needing to worry about Graphite. However I have no idea which (if any) style controls that section.

I can confirm that I there seems to be a problem changing the font of user interface items. I believe changing the font in SAB > Styles > User Interface Styles > ui.button.chapter-intro should do the trick but it doesn’t. I tried it on the book collection level and it didn’t work either. In your case it is even more strange that the fonts are different between book selector and chapter-intro button!
So in SAB > Fonts > Font Files you have defined more than one font because you need that in your app, right?

Yes, I have defined both fonts in the Font Files section.

This is now fixed (in SAB 10.3). Thank you very much.

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