Font size in SAB

Lately, When I start SAB in Windows 10, the font size for the UI is too small for me to read easily. How can I make it bigger? I also see this same issue in RAB or DAB. I do not see this problem with other Windows 10 applications.

Did you happen to be seeing this on a 4K screen? New screen or new computer?


I recently upgraded my SAB to version 8.1. I still see the same problem.

But after some research, I think I found what is causing UI font size problem in the app builders… For the Display settings in Windows 10, I have display resolution set to the highest number as recommended, which makes the text on the screen quite small for an old guy like me. So I changed the scale and layout setting from 100% to something to 200%. In all my programs except the app builders the UI font size is increase as expected. But not so with the app builders. Apparently that Display feature has no impact on the app builders.


The issue is in Java 8 rather than SAB. You can run SAB with a Java JRE 9 or 10. Your build still needs to be Java JDK 8. If you change to a version 9 or 10 Java JRE for SAB those Java versions better handle 4K screens. I have not tested this as I have no 4K screen to test with.

Thanks for the explanation.

Yes, that fixed the problem. Thanks.

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